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Wire-wrapped Pendants

Wire-wrapped Pendants

Wire-wrapped Pendant

This is an excellent introductory wire-wrapping class. A large cabochon (non-drilled bead with flat back) is wrapped with square and half-round wire. After the basic wrap is achieved, the student may embellish the piece as desired.

Bicone Beaded Pendant

Have a favorite bicone-shaped focal bead? This is a great way to show it off!

Wire-wrapped Bicone Focal

Wire-wrapped Square Donut

Wire-wrapped Donut

Do you love those gemstone donuts, but have always wondered how to attach them to a necklace? This class teaches one way – making a wire wrapped bail, with square and half-round wire. Beaded embellishments can be added once the basic wraps are completed. The same process can be used with smaller donuts to create matching earrings.

Wire-wrapped Beaded Collar

A very classic and classy look – beads and metal, combined in a V-shaped collar, which is then attached to chain to create an elegant necklace.

Beaded Collar