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Beadwork & Wire-Weaving
with Ceil Thomas

A true bead enthusiast, Cecelia Thomas has been beading since earning her Girl photo of instructor Ceil ThomasScout badge for bead craft when she was in her teens. Since those early days of beading on a loom she has never lost her fascination with beads. Her collection is vast and varied and reflects the many different styles and techniques that she enjoys working in. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Graphic Design, Ceil’s patterns and colors thrill the eye and are comfortable to wear. She loves sparkle, and likes to incorporate crystals, natural stones and semi-precious stones in her designs. Balance and color are the foundation for many of her necklaces and bracelets. Her most recent work is with silver wire and natural stones. Weaving random patterns to form bezels around the stones has proven to be a clever technique for setting the stone and is remarkably beautiful. With over thirty years of beading as a hobby and giving my creations as gifts, Ceil has now entered the world of arts and craft festivals and is very excited about offering her treasures to those who find them interesting.

To learn more about Ceil's classes, visit the class pages:

Beaded bead Netted Wire Bezel
Circular Beaded Pendant & Earrings Silver crochet
Crocheted Beaded Cuff Silver Square Earrings
Crocheted Flower Earrings Wire Coiled Earrings
Chunky Beaded Cluster Woven Briolette Earrings
Freeform Woven Wire Pendant Woven Wire Earrings
Knotted Silk Cord