Friday, July 31, 2009

September Swapapalooza!

Time for another YaYa Bead Swap!

If you're like most beaders, you have more than a few beads or findings lying around from previous projects. YaYa Beads is sponsoring our next Bead Swap on Monday, September 14, where any interested beader can trade their unused beads, clasps, seed beads, etc... with other beaders, and go home with some great new inspiration!

Many of you are familiar with the Bead Swap rules, but here they are for the newcomers:

How it works:
1) This is a bead swap: no money is to exchange hands. Your leftover beads and findings are the only accepted currency at the swap.

2) You may bring in any beads or findings you are willing to part with.

3) We will provide a space for you to display your items. You'll mark your spot with a name tag, and then you are free to walk around and check out the other items up for trade, or stay with your own beads. But don't worry - any interested trader will be able to find you!

4) Once you find some beads you'd like to swap for, you can call out the name of the owner and take your beads to them, or bring them back to your spot, and start working on your trade. Remember: no money is to exchange hands.

5) You are under no obligation to swap with anyone. Sometimes someone may want one of your beads, but you don't see anything of theirs you want - that's OK.

6) Terms of each swap are left up to the 2 trading parties.

7) All swaps are final, so make sure you really want to part with your beads before you enter into any trade.

8) YaYa Beads is proud to host this swap, but YaYa inventory is not up for trading!

One Beader's leftovers are another Beader's treasure!

Mark your calendars for this fun event: Monday, September 14, @ 6:00 PM.

Just a few reminders:

Think you'd like to learn to make a wire-wrapped focal piece like this?

The prerequisite class, Wire-coiled Earrings, is this Saturday - August 8 @ 10:30.

Give us a call, or come into the shop, and get registered! Don't miss out!

Daniel's Wire-wrapped Pendant class is also this weekend - Sunday, @1 pm. This is a terrific class for anyone interested in learning wire-wrapping basics or in expanding their skills.

This class is already half-full, so don't miss your chance to register!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

YaYa Beads
109 Shartom Drive
Augusta, GA
(behind Applebee's on Washington Rd)

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