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Jewelry design is a broad field, encompassing a wide variety of media including beads, metal work, glass, fiber, and more! Whether you want to focus on just one area OR learn it all, YaYa Beads offers a wide variety of jewelry-making classes covering a multitude of styles and skills. We offer both individual (private) and group classes, and advanced classes upon request. Browse these sections to learn more about the classes you can take to develop or refine your skills. If you are interested in something you don't see listed, please contact us directly - we may be able to develop a special class just for you!close-up of chuncky bead necklace

For most classes taught at YaYa Beads, ALL supplies needed for a particular class are available for purchase at YaYa Beads. We have elected not to supply kits for our classes, because with such a wide variety of beads, wire, clasps, etc. to choose from (whether from YaYa Beads or another bead supplier), we would rather students make their own choices about colors, materials, and so on, than be "stuck" with what was provided in a kit.

While students are welcome to provide their own supplies for our classes, those students who choose to purchase all their supplies at YaYa Beads on the day of class will receive a $10.00 discount on the class fee. (Note:This discount will NOT apply to those rare classes where the instructor provides supplies, since this has already been built into the fee structure for that particular class. Certain other classes are excluded from this discount; see individual class descriptions for more information on fees.)

Most classes at YaYa Beads are designed and intended to be completed in one sitting (excluding multi-day workshops). Students who are unable to complete their class project in one session may schedule a second class (if necessary) to learn finishing techniques; additional sessions are $15 each unless otherwise noted by the instructor. We understand that many factors affect a student's ability to finish a project in the allotted time, and encourage you to discuss your individual limitations with the instructor. Some beadweaving classes, such as flat count peyote, are just naturally time-consuming, and in these particular situations we don't expect students to finish during the first session; this is explained up front, and no additional fee is charged for one return session.

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